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Yeah, so... I've started reading Homestuck. And right now, the only thing I can say is an awe-consumed F word which would never live up to the amount of satisfaction that this story offers. I could offer a link to the part that'd managed to peak my interest and spilled over, but I have too much creative integrity to that. A culmination point is, indeed, awe-inspiring, but the series of events which lead to it are even more valuable.
Even if the whole thing is just a massive wibbly wobbly mess, of the timey variety, the execution is outstanding. Leaving aside the fairytale-esque theme that I tend to like so much myself. And all the major character and storyline elements which just suck you right in and fondle your creative yearnings and literary fancies...
Also, the eventual flash animations are very well set up. Like ticking time bombs of awesome that are set up from well ahead, and when they do finally set off, you're not disappointed.

It definitely is all it's cooked up to be. And the writer definitely is in the field for a while, as he mastered the art of storytelling.


Then again, the only thing Andrew Hussie had managed was to figure out exactly how much information is required to be given to the reader, and which information is to be appreciated. Nothing about a year's worth of practice can't cover.
And if it weren't for the generic tropes that he used to fill out the inevitable gaps in plot, I'd even go as far as saying his work is by any degree more... uhm... damnit, I'm not certain what I'm even bothered about.
It's just that all the meddlesome psychics and agents of omniscient, omnipotent demons and such are just a bit too many for my liking. It's all a bit too hand-stitched to be ignored. 
Actually no. It's not hand stitched, it's not full of plotholes that it requires the eventual covering with bandaid. Half the bloody thing is made up of bandaid. The bloke integrated bandaid into the main materials section.

It's true that as the story progresses and the plot thickens, plotholes are impossible to avoid. But that's no reason to give up on trying at all! I mean sure, you could just cut off the story's legs and just keep replacing them with crutches as need would arise, but it's not a pretty thing.

**Edit again
Turns out I was wrong. The guy went beyond the norm and went for themes such as paradoxical time travel and made them work. Which is kinda hard to figure out... How the hell did he do it...

Hah! He realized that there's no way to avoid plotholes and the such anyway, so he just stopped trying and went along with the problem. Made it into a resource he could harvest.

How should I explain... When you work with time travel, you're setting yourself for failure, usually. Hussie found a way to work around that. He made paradoxes and plotholes into something tangible to fight against! He practically had the characters fight through impossible odds, and actually earn the right to recreate the world around them, to turn back time and alter continuity. He made time travel stories his bitch!
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